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Selena Hayes
Sea-Kent, WA  USA
Born on October 10, 1972.
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About Me
I worked in a lab where I obsessed with setting up SoundClick, YouTube and Pandora stations so I can listen to music while I worked. Apparently, I listened to enough goth/industrial dance music on all of them to make a laughing fetal connection - my husband said our baby's heartbeat sounds like a Front 242 song. Now we have a 2-1/2 year old who loves all music and I've rediscovered SoundClick so I can listen late at night while I check FB and am currently baking holiday treats. Ah so domesticated. However, I am an LMP and am looking forward to the new sound card for the computer @ work. I will then take the next step to actually buy music and get it on the I-Pods at the business.
Recent Activity
Misty Morning
good morning its a beautiful day in my neighborhood and i hope it is in yours. i have a big pot of coffee on and listening to my "misty morning mix" station. i bet you can find some songs you like. come on over and hang out with me awhile. xoxo
thanks for the add
Yes ! In the monkey zone, yes yes yes!
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Nice to know I'm your first. Here on SC anyway. Ooooxxxx - me
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