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James Arjuna
Broomfield, CO  USA
Born on April 22, 1948.
My own artist page
Blues : Blues General
Haven Head Band,Jim, Sandy, and Mike love music and it is what they do... Blues/ Rock, Excentric Rock Music, Country Rock, Hard Rock,Folk Rock, Folk, Country Blues, jazz, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Gruver Guitars, HavenHead has the new classics
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About Me
I am 68 years old, with a young heart and a lot of life experiences behind me. I have been all across the US, and traveled abroad in India, where I got some of my style of playing music. There's some fantastic musicans are on soundclick, and I encourage all of them to help progress to the next level of popular music. I alway like to go back to who made the music fresh and try to understand what it was that made them create this different music.
Recent Activity
Heading to the Netherlands for our tour   Well, we will be in the Netherlands in less than a week! We are taking as much equipment as we can; our guitars, harmonicas, effects boxes, cords mic's to pursue our music in Europe.
Too Much Fun!   This site is just too fun. So many really good musicians.
maria1s Thanks for adding me as a friend :o) I'm glad you did because I liked your music first - then you added me. I love the Blues!
pwcarr Hi Jim,
Thanks for the visit and kind comment.

Swampman Thanks for dropping by James have a great week
gaingstring WHAT UP JIM.
Been awile, 3 years now since G.C blues contest, time fly'n
I just bought a ERLEWINE AUTOMATIC, one of 300 built by him and Billy Gibbons (zz top) 1981 it's priceless,(see ERLEWINE GUITAR) ON THE NET there really sweet guitars.
Anyway i have 3 new jams up here (WITCH HUNT) (MY ORACAL)( GOLD'N FLEE'S) really heavy stuff my vocals and lead guitar with my new band, all kids 20 year old's i let them do all the running around on stage. makes for a better show. Well let me know what you think, and whats up on your side of the big muddy. LATER BROTHER
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