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zen sunsmythe
Austin, TX  USA
Born on February 12, 1966.
My own artist pages
Alternative : Pop Punk
If hardcore punk came alive in cartoon land. Most of the songs are standalone unique. The band evolved out of The Assholes. In Austin played the Flamingo Cantee
Alternative : Indie
Old school post-modern indie via customized cerebral metal rock.
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Noise, Modes, World, Galactic, Triphop, acid jazz, Earthtone
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About Me
Meditation, Earth, Dance, 7D, accidental comedian, sound healing, magician, yogi sometimes, salvia divine, soma
Whew, thanks for adding us (Edward Kasperl Band). But what does "rdrumr" mean?
Digging 'PLaZmAmA'! Thanks for dropping by dude!
Scientek Basement
thx man ! Los Chingalos Cincos is a nice song!
Thank you for adding me! All the best, Hinzaldi
Thank you for selecting my tracks for your station. Just thought I'd let you know I sincerely appreciate it and that there are several new tracks up! Peace (The Reverent One) p.s. If you stop by why not say HI?
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