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Santa Wessels
victory 01
Cape Town, South Africa
Born on March 26, 2005.
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About Me
Living in the beautiful Western Cape in South Africa. I like travelling when possible and enjoy nature and everything that is beautiful and positive. I love God and believe in Jesus as our Saviour. Comfortable being alone sometimes, but do love all kinds of people. I enjoy listening to good instrumental music and some vocal which is uplifting for the spirit/soul. I just want people to be happy in the fullness that God Creator has given us.
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ARE YOU READY FOR THE RETURN OF JESUS (YESHUA)?   I believe in Jesus (Yeshua), and I believe that all my comfort and inspiration comes from Him. You see, God says in His Word ... The Holy Bible (The Torah), that we shall worship no other gods accept God Almighty (YaHweH). So, to worship water or any elements that were created by The Creator, is a abomination to God. We are to keep His commandments, and not worship idols ... You see, christmas father, fairies, little witches, easter eggs, (and some more) are all deception and does not appear in The Holy Scriptures of God. He says ... Know the Truth, and The Truth shall set you free. That's ...
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May God bless you!

Dear Father God,

Thank You for sending Your Son,
Jesus Christ to set us free from sin,
to make a Way for us so that we
may come into Your Holy Presence
as sons and daughters. Thank You
Lord for Your Grace and forgiveness.
Help us to walk very close to You
and to turn away from the filth that
the world have to offer. Create in us
a pure mind and a clean heart ... all
to Your Glory.
All praise unto You Father ... Jesus and
Holy Spirit of God forevermore.

Hi Santa, how are you? What is new by you? After any time I recorded next sacral song - Vergin tutto amor from Francesco Durante, if you will, come to hear. I wish you a nice day. Jiri
Song Of The Angels
Hi Santa, Great to hear from you. Yes, I have to run to my daddy from time to time too. Sometimes more than others. But he is always there. : ) I will try and check out the info. Thanks for sharing. Love, hugs, and prayers to you and yours.
Song Of The Angels
Hi Santa, Just wanted to drop by and see how things are going with you. I hope you and your family are doing well and had a great holiday season. Thanks for sharing the light and love of the Father through Yeshua, Jesus Messiah, our wonderful Lord. My best to you and yours
Song Of The Angels
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Hi Santa, I wanted to stop by and say "Hello," and let you know I left Facebook for good. Planning to devote my energies to focus even more and my healing and what God would have me do next. I do plan to spend more time here on SC again, though. Hope to see you around. My love to you and your family. Much peace, and Shaloam!
victory 01
Where is everybody? .? . ? Too busy on Facebook or Twitter? Would like to hear from my far away friends. Many good blessings to all. ??? Santa.
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