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strychnine kid
Casper, WY  USA
Born on May 3, 1967.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
Instrumental Guitar Rock, One Member, One soul
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About Me
I Just love to play guitar and spend time with the family. I coach soccer and try to stay active in my kids lives. Been playing some sort of instrument since mid 80's I moved around a bit from drums to bass to guitar. Stuck on guitar now. I also enjoy Video Editing as well as mixing and mastering songs. So if you need help in those area don't be a stranger. I am still in the learning process. (When aren't we?) Would love to help anyone out..And 1 more thing I enjoy writing lyrics and poetry Peace Rich You've been marked on my visitor map!
It's time for you to have some BLISS!!
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The Kid is back in Town!   I'm back here on Soundclick. I really dig this site and can't wait to listen to all your music and get to know people again. New music is coming soon and hopefull the completion of my 2nd Cd will be coming soon as well. So to all of you out there hello, Peace and Love
New Song up!! Nacho Cheese   Nacho Cheese and a beer. What a combination for inspiration! This is my first for 2008. I hope to have many more up this year. Happy New Year to All!! Enjoy!

Best Cover Ever? Little Japanese Girl Plays The Shit Out Of Kansas   Take a look....

Richard, Thanks for the friendship! Keep making great music! Take it Easy, Brian (blucas)
Dude you smoked the club.....Jude will have to paint the joint ....you peeled the paint off the walls Great Playing Well done Later Tweak
Morten Gjermundsen
Hi Richard! :) Great work on the new song! Really like your guitar playing. Also thanks for visiting my page and listening to metalhead. Have a great weekend! morten.
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Hey cuz thanks for stopping by hope your doing well im headed ova to check out the new music now have a kick ass weekend.It is time to crank it up and let it rip!!! Can I Have A Hell Yeah :)
hi Richard thanks for the visit and kind words...:) just listening to.. nachos cheese... now it sounds great ..love the way it builds up ..really like the acousic guitar at the beginning...reminds me a bit like something mclaughlin might do... great stuff ! paul
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