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Helge Krabye
Oslo, Norway
Born on February 5, 1953.
My own artist page
Electronic : Ambient
Homeless Balloon's music is a mix of ambient grooves, chill out, electronica, acoustic and world beat. All tracks are in 320 kbps quality!
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About Me
I am a Norwegian composer and multimedia artist who has composed original music for elevision documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and art projects since the late 80's. I have released six audio CD's which contain a vast variety of music and styles, all performed with a mix of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. My favorite intruments are acoustic and electric guitar, the Korg Z1 synthesizer and MetaSynth. My music is released under the project name Homeless Balloon on the independent 24 Chillout Music label. You may purchase tracks or full albums from the Homeless Balloon artist page here at SoundClick! You are very welcome to become a friend by liking my Facebook page (search for Homeless Balloon and click on "Like"). Thank you!
Recent Activity
Added Red Dot to his playlist Ambient Dreams. Aug 15, 2018
Liked Homeless Balloon's song Red Dot. Aug 15, 2018
Commented on his status Aug 15, 2018
Liked Paul Mcilwaine's song Leonora. Mar 29, 2016
New track from Homeless Balloon   Hi, I have a new track named "African Dream". It's a groovy piece inspired by both Electronica and African Fusion music. It's on top of my playlist, and you are welcome to listen!
Enjoy chillout music? Check my free downloads!   Currently, I have all my music tracks set as free downloads for anybody to enjoy. So, if your cup of tea is electronic and acoustic chillout music to ease you pain and tease your mind, you are very welcome to visit my artist page and listen!
- Helge K. (Homeless Balloon)
Moog On The Dance Floor (Moog Remix)   I just released the last track on my new EP "Moog On The Dance Floor", and it's a remix of the title track. Enjoy!
Hi there, Helge. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I love your latest tunes. They're a continuation of you're excellent chill sound that I've grown to know and love over the years. I have new song out named "Turnabout" that is the result of some further exploration of my electronic side. I think you might enjoy it. Please keep up the good work--we all need to chill more! Spence (CodeAquamarine/AzSaxCat)
Grahams Cat
Cat's out of the garage with - worldly ends - a tail of curious endeavour.
Hey there, Helge. Been quite a while since I've stopped by. Listening to your Dream Away tunes right now...very nice! I love the album art, as well! I still have quite a few of your songs in my iTunes... "Harmony", "Jazz At Spring", the "China" songs. Nice mellow counter to the stress at work. I have a new new song out named "Squirrel's gURL", and would love to know what you think. Thanks for all the great music, hope to hear more and more!
Helge, Thank you very much for your nice comment and add. very appreciated coming from such a talented guy like you! you rock! k
Hi Helge, Thank you so much for stopping by. nice to hear from you! lovin' your 'Turkish Delight' what a cool song!! I hope all is good with you. your friend, Kathy
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