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Yvonne Bertrand
Midland, TX  USA
Born on September 4, 1944.
My own artist page
Country : Country General
I love music !! All genres of Music !! I may not be the best at what I do but I love what I do so I will keep writing my music and if you happen to like anything I do...Then that makes me happy....Thank you for Listening
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Instrumentals - Old School
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Marc Meyers
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
"Newtown Rain" was written in the spirit of sharing and universal remembrance... To honor those we've lost.. to soften even one heart... We must never forget... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odzUDI_
About Me
A Note From Vonee: For everyone one who comes to my page , Welcome !! Would love for you to leave a note and let me know you were here so I may come and visit you and listen to your Music..If you have s song or two you would like for me to play on my show , please let me know! God Bless
Recent Activity
LIFE AT sOUNDcLICK   I came to be a sound click Chic May 2003
I had been writing my little songs for a while I can't believe
I have had a site here for 14 years and I love sound click
t I had no tracks to sing with when I first joined So i would sing along with my
keyboard...or my karaoke CD's A good friend taught me
how to make music files..I met Harry Todd (the git picker)
and he let me record his midi files to sing with I met Jerry
on line and he asked me to sing harmony with a song he
had written and we recorded a few songs and had a Cd made
I think it was made for us by Mp3 ,com which didn't last ...
Vonee's Music Showcase  

For All you Artist who is playing on my showcase. Your songs are being promoted daily and playing in the charts
I rotate the song list bi-weekly So your song gets played
Inivte everone to record a small promo 30 seconds please
Tell something about yourself and give credit to Soundclick.com & Vonee ;s Music Showcase
Thank you all !! Vonee
Hey Slacker jump on that guitar Seriously glad to talk to my friend Im listening to Train of blues first song on my station HIt it with some og yours
Hey Tony' How are you doing ?? Happy New Years T0 you and your family It is great to Hear from you Im doing OK.The weather is terrible in West Texas This winter is going to be long... Are you guys getting snow where you are I have to go to town and pick up some chicken for my Gumbo and more blackeye peas Cooking for some of the Grand children tomorrow (grown ) while their parents are in San Antonio ..Taking a break from work I now own 3 guitars that I'm learning to play Lets get together here and catch up after New Years is over with..Love to hear what you have been doing your friend always Vonee
Tony DeLecce
Hi Vonee, A little late coming by this year. Hope all is well in Texas. Very cold here. Was thinking about you and thought Hmm. I better pop in and say happy new year since I missed Christmas.
slacker g
Hi Vonee, It's been a while since I was here and I like the look of your S.C. page. I just thought I would let you know that I have thought about you quite often. My page? Don't bother as I haven't uploaded anything new. I'm working on some new songs but not sure if I will ever get them posted. My inspiration comes and goes... mostly goes. :)
Hi Vonee, enjoyed reading your page. Hope you have a good week. Would love for you to listen to some of my music.
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