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United Kingdom
Songwriter, producer, musician & vocalist in all genres
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Rock : Rock General
Female rock, blues, alternative, jazz, soul, pop songwriter, vocalist, musician & producer.
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UK songwriter, producer & musician/vocalist in all genres.

Hi Rodz! ... ;) No Good Nothin
Alan L Cole
You are too cool Rodz! Thank you.
Thanks for listening. This was fun to record. Changes would work as well. Talk to you later when I get the box finished.
Keith Mitchell
Hi, it's nice when you have relatives spread across the country and that sounds like a great challenge too. I wonder if the younger generation are still interested in keeping it alive for future generations. Have a great weekend as well.
Michael Duran
Ardderchog !! Barn ddoeth a charedig a fynegwyd gyda gras a swyn ;-)
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