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kelly christiansen
Saginaw, TX  USA
Born on September 21, 1956.
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About Me
I am both an author and a graphic artist, though my three cats would tell you a different story. They're of the opinion that my only reason for existence is to feed them, pet them and let them in or out of the house! They're good kitties though, and make wonderful companions. Being a writer is a lot like living on a wild roller coaster. Sometimes all you can do is hang on for the ride while the story pours out of your fingers, and sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail for every letter! It's a lot of fun, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It would be nice though if inspiration didn't insist on hitting me after the lights were out and I was half-asleep so often! All of my books are available on Amazon.com or other online stores, however you can also order them from the publisher. For more information on them, as well as reviews and illustrations, see my web site at: http://sojourn.omnitech.net. I am also a graphic artist. I'm available to create posters, CD covers as well as other projects. I charge nothing but credit and request permission to display the finished graphics in my online gallery which can be viewed at: http://artwanted.com/crystalwizard
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Finally made a bit of music   Not much, but it's something. I'm trying to learn how to work ACID 6 so I've created a couple of short tracks out of loops from Looperman. They're free to download if anyone wants them. I'd like some feed back on them too.
Desk Fan   I have a little desk fan,
As pretty as you please.
It sits beside me on the desk,
and blows a happy breeze.

I love my little desk fan,
It cools me off so well.
It makes the summer not so hot
As I can truely tell.

I'm gonna miss my desk fan,
It died today, you see.
A grinding, rending, crunching noise.
Did warn of what would be.

Smoke streamed out from my desk fan,
The motor... it'd give out.
I scream'd and hollar'ed, ranted, raved,
Then sat and pulled a pout.

My desk, it started sweating,
My windows fogged all up.
My computer had a melt down,
My dog, she had a pup.

The house, it caught on...
Instant Water - short story  
The sun shone upon a small patch of tilled earth, baking it to a crisp.

Marigolds blossoming around the edges wilted and drooped. An old woman stood

with her left hand on her hip and squinted at the garden through one eye.

"That garden ain't gonna grow."

She turned a two-inch square, cardboard box around and peered at the label on

the front.

"Instant water..." She tossed a dirty look over her shoulder at a bungalow and

wrinkled her nose. "Stupid late night T.V. shows...sellin' mah husband all

sorts 'a rubbish!"

She gave her attention back to the box and tried to make out the...
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sell? DONT SAY THAT! the Stock Market's been REALLY trippin' lately =) Maybe. Where would I sell it? ebay? I noticed it made the top 25 in most watched yesterday. So that made me smile a bit I love that "edit" button Re: yousendit.com I have seen these download places but never used them dont they charge for the storage?
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ahh I love it when they ask if it's tooo big =) lol Hey CW I could send the CD version to ya. It's pretty pristine. Not like the DVD but very good. And I don't have a YouTube account. I been thinkin' bout it though add: oh I will go see the post of your story too and report back. Right now I am collaborating with Alex Cooper and his song "Take Me tothe Sun" It will take a few weeks but theeeeen. This vid is a real transition fro my stuff. It's all bright and sunny and it hurts my lil eyes =)
oh nOOO! yeah the crunchdown that SC does on video should be against the law. But I will admit it is an older tune that isnt mixed as well as it could be.... BUT I do post all my stuff on my site =) http://www.songfirestudio.com and it is a little better there. HOWEVER I would love to show you the full DVD version some time. =) Too big to send over the net though Hey thanks for your feedback I seriously appreciate it
hey CW just came by to update myself Hey! I posted another music vid, c'mon by and see some time. =)
hi CW just came by to say hi and check your poem inventory. I see you have a new one =)
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