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Viacheslav Voronov
Moscow, Russia
Born on October 12, 1958.
My own artist page
Jazz : Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz, Funk, Instrumental
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Zdravstvuite, Vyacheslav. Spasibo chto dobavili menya. Ya teper vsyo chashe vot zdes byvayu http://aptimn.promodj.ru (Mne pokazalos, chto tam s failami legche upravlyatsya) Zahodite v gosti :) Spasibo esho raz :) S uvazheniem, Aptimn
"Hurry fly"the bass man doin it in style great track some cool into 2009!best Tony
Hi , Slav !!! happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peace Viacheslav, i is a pleasure to listen to "Friends" as i stop by to say hi. i hope the your kind heart keeps you warm as this year marches on so quickly. starting to get a chill in the air here. i hope all is well for you and yours. keep up the good. thnx always and i hope you have a wonderful week. bBlsd bWl pRr
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