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Born on January 1, 1965.
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About Me
For those who care, I rate songs using the following criteria: ***** I immediately want to replay the song. (Look, this isn't Facebook where every app gets 5 stars!) **** I would want to hear the song at least once or twice per day on the radio. Or it would make it onto my mp3 player. *** I would have a 50/50 chance of stopping to listen if the song was playing. Over half of the songs on a (good) Christian radio station or even a secular station fall into this category, so it's not meant as an insult. It's just not my thing. (I'm pretty liberal on giving songs a chance so a lot of "if only" many songs fall into this category - you know, if only the recording quality wasn't so rough or if only the vocals were stronger or if only the music wasn't obviously a programmed machine playing, etc). ** I would be pretty likely to change the station immediately on hearing the song. Bad production values put many songs into this category. * I would only continue to listen out of morbid curiosity because it's so bad, it's good. (I try to imagine a Christian radio station that would play the genre of the song even if it's not something that would get airplay on most CCM stations - and then evaluate the song based on that imaginary station).
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Liked Diane Barnes's song Mercy Rain. Feb 29, 2012
Liked CATALYST 4 CHANGE's song Jazzy Blues Short.mp3. Feb 10, 2012
Liked Mr. Chopper's song Kidz. Feb 9, 2012
Liked Mr. Chopper's song How Great Is Our God. Feb 9, 2012
Liked Mr. Chopper's song Just A Lil Girl. Feb 9, 2012
Liked Brian Frame's song Heaven's Gate. Feb 9, 2012
Liked AGAPE (US)'s song take me as I am. Jan 26, 2012
Liked Mr. Chopper's song Judge Me. Feb 9, 2012
Liked ATTLAST's song Dust to Dust. Jan 27, 2012
Liked Devora Clark's song Thing Called Love Mix. Feb 28, 2012
Hey MacDeacon - thanks for adding several of my songs to your station! And for your comments on "Hallelujah Praise The Lamb". I'm always interested in hearing feedback as it's not easy for me to look at my own music objectively sometimes. Blessings for the day!
Hi Daniel, I see that you are unhappy. May I ask, where did I voice my opinion in a way that has upset you so? Was it maybe a Comment for one of the songs you posted in your bands 2Amazd or ATTLAST? (I looked and didn't see anything that jumped out at me). Please let me know so I can check out whether I gave you a fair shake. I guess at times I am more critical than others. David.
Your wright.Who cares what you think.I would rather you say nothing if you cant say something nice.Besides I think your tastes in music sucks.Didn't ask for your opinion and you are know body anyway.What makes you think your opinion matters.And why do you give it.Mind your own business,Daniel
Hi I thank you very much for adding the songs that I came up with to your station Bobby Thomas
God Bless You for adding my songs to your station! WOW, this is such a great way to share christian music, I hope to be posting more soon! Blessings, Angie
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