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Thomas C Roth
Born on May 2, 1950.
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Rock : Christian Rock
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About Me
I am Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and I drive truck for a living. I am a Song writer and I pray our Lord will have His will with the songs He has given to me.
Recent Activity
To Obey Many Times Is Not The Easy Way   I have received alot of e-mails recently commenting on the songs brought to the
forefront thru my picture videos for ( AM to PM , Shadows, Is Christ Divided,
and John 17 Ain t Coming Thru.) Many were hostile, some had honest questions,
most were in agreement, and some that did agree gave me warning against
rattling the church, saying I have and will continue to lose support, to which I have noticed.
First I must say Jesus Christ gave his life for the church, and Loves the Church.
and I and all believers are commanded by Jesus to Love One Another John 13:34
and I do love the church.
I ...
Mountain Top 2010   This song is inspired by a reality that all Christians have to face. And was dramitized to me thru my friend Tim Gerliksiky who I had the pleasure of woking with for over10 years.
Tim your love for the Lord is inspiring and I am proud that you are my friend.
and Thank You for your permission to share this testimony.
Fruits Of The Spirit SS Class   Thank You Fruits Of The Spirit SS Class for the Inspiration for the song Oh let The World Be In Love
robert steven hunt
Hi Thomas, thank you so much for your encouraging words about my story and my original music composed for the piano keyboard. You have a great voice that sounds amazing when recorded. As for me, I felt that the Lord was gently leading me to share my music with a wider audience, so I joined various websites to test the reactions of people to my music. So far (since April 2010) I've begun to receive many encouraging comments & remarks about my music. I'm on a kind of six month trial to see what happens to the music samples posted on the net. After this I will take some kind of a decision as to whether I take my music further usinf internet contacts and a number of local contacts I am beginning to make in my local area. Thus far, it is all looking very promising. Of course, I will never forget that all the talent comes from the Lord, as do all His many Blessings. Please keep in touch, I love your music & songs, they are amazing! Take care & God Bless you. Best wishes from Steve Hunt.
angela dittmar
Congrats on Having Jesus lifted up to the #1 spot in the "WORLD" chart! Praise God! Keep writing and praising and bring others into the Saving grace of Christ! Blessings, abundant blessings to you Thomas! Your sister in Christ Jesus ang
Tomas David Hood
Hello from Montana! Wonder if you drive out this way? It'd be good to have a jam and fellowship. Happy New Year and New Decade. May our Father draw you ever closer.
Ivan Tavarres
Hello Thomas, I've seen your songs on the the tops of many charts and finally stopped by to listen. I should have done it sooner. I am really impressed with your compositions and music. The few songs I listened to had wonderful melodies, voices, and each a great message. I enjoy listening to and playing sacred and religious music. I just uploaded a band & choral version of "God of our Fathers" that you might like, as well as many other sacred pieces. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7101746 Take care, Ivan Tavarres
Song Of The Angels
Hi Tom, Thanks a lot for dropping by. My pleasure on the add. And hey, don't be a stranger. Drop by again. : ) Cathy
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