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Rosie Clare
Born on January 25, 1960.
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About Me
Hello Fellow Soundclickers! I enjoy hearing all your wonderful songs here on Soundclick. I'm not an artist............just a fellow listener, originally from Iowa, who now lives in the South. I have written a few lyrics to songs for my brother here on Soundclick (Jamey Darnold) other than that I just really enjoy singing along! Music makes everything a bit nicer. Family is the most important thing to me and I have three wonderful children and a husband that are the center of my world. I love songs about life! And realize that any given day of my life could change in a heartbeat, so for today I am grateful...........and for tomorrow I am hopeful. :) Rosie Clare
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Liked Jamey Darnold's song The Chaplain. Jan 21, 2013
Liked White Goat's song Me & You. Jan 21, 2013
A Favorite Quote Of Mine:   May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the Angels protect you, and Heaven accept you!
The Nancy III   This poem was written about a family who is very dear to me, and suffered the loss of many of their family members. They found refuge and peace when out on the sea.....on the Nancy III.

The Nancy III

She was a worthy born vessel
She floated and rocked with the sea
With a life of her own, and the memories she nestled
They called her, The Nancy III (three)

She weathered the storms
Like a mother who coddles her young
Granting them peace that allowed them to mourn
In the wake of the waters their weary cries forlorn

Sorrows evaporated like the sea spray
At the head of The Nancy’s helm
As ...
Heading out to listen to Willie Nelson tonight and wrote this:  
Country Night

My blue jean shorts;
Are frayed just right.
As I head out the door;
For a country night.

The guys in their hats;
And their blue jeans tight.
I prowl like the cats
For a country night.

My cowboy boots;
They feel so light.
My heels start to tap ;
For a country night.

With hand s in the air;
And my mood so right.
I wiggle on the floor
For a country night

The band hits that chord;
And yells, ‘ARE YOU AL-RIGHT?’
I shout with a hoot
‘For a country night!’

A country night.....lets have a country night!
A country night.......oh a country night
A country night.....lets have a ...
Gabe Stenziano
I never knew you were related to Jamey. I recently heard the song with your lyrics. well done, I enjoyed it a lot. take care, Gabe
Wade Farlowe
Howdy Ms. Rosie, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!! I just thought that I'd drop in to wish you & yours a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.....or something like that.....anywho, all the best!!!!!! Best wishes, Wade
Wade Farlowe
Hi Ms. Rosie, Doin' fine myself and I trust 2013 is treatin' you ok so far too. Thanks for the kind words, I do appreciate your visits and for listening in as well....you're a sweet lady on all counts!!!! Best to you and yours, Wade
Michael Downing
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Thanks for including my song Rest on your station. I just posted a new one that you might dig called Worldwide Symphony: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11819311 Again thanks, Mike Downing
Wade Farlowe
Happy Christmas Ms. Rosie! Best Wishes, Wade
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