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jim rustemeyer
Artificial Earthman
Paden City , WV  USA
Born on May 8, 1958.
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Alternative : Alternative General
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Contact: 4Klassix@gmail.com for exclusive rights. 176 BPM. Collaboration with LJ Production
21 Savage Type Beat Instrumental | 2 Chainz Type Beat Instrumental
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I am me. You are not. This is good.
Music For THe Internet Part II   I've listened to alot of the stuff I did over the past two years, and I cringe when I think of what I've done to other people's tunes. What the Hell was I thinking? Well, I haven't a frickin' clue, really. A couple turned out okay, but for the most part, I'm serious crying out for musical therapy. Dr. Phil would've probably beat the sh*** out of your gentle narrator with my own Strat.

It's just too easy, kids. Too easy to string together a tune with a buncha samples and then sample yourself at that one moment you played the frickin' part correctly, and call it a tune. Get a few guys to loop ...
Music For The Internet?   Copied from a rant I did on My Space awhile ago:
So, make sure your luggage is clearly marked and you put your lunch in the communal fridge with your name and today's date printed clearly on it with a permanent marker.

Okay, been thinking about this Independent Music fiasco and looking at some of the common side effects and how it's affected what I've been attempting to do with/in a band and all by my lonesome all these millenia. What was once simply a basement hobby, shared with a few, and annoying to many, now has growing to epic proportions thanks to cheap recording software, an semi-...
Musical Identity   Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Category: Music

So the guy asks you, "Ah, you're a musician? Who do you sound like?"

And here, for the edification and continued enlightenment of anyone bored enough to read these things, here's another topic to annoy and bewilder...

It occurs to me that I've written music for longer than most of you have been alive, except for a few of ya', and I know who you are. Consequently, there's been a journey to a secret destination, not even map coordinates, and I've taken it to this point, and I'm standing there on the spot marked, "Is This Trip Really ...
Hey Jim! Hope you still remember me. How are you doing out there? Any new music coming out? Its all ok with me here. I have moved on to other sites and am not a regular over here. My latest stuff is on Last.fm and Jamendo. I will give you the links to the same when you reply. Keep on going! Anand Koppar
Hey there Amigo. Just stopping by to say hi. Hope all is well in your Latitude and Longitude. Stop by sometime dude! Let's do another collab someday soon.
Gamma's Dave
Hey! Yes, I was born in Morgantown, West By-God.
Bob Forbes
Hi Jim! Thank you once again my friend for your kind review for "Destination Unknown" - this is very much appreciated! Have a super Thanksgiving ; )) Cheers, Bob
Bob Forbes
Hi Jim - just wanted to say thanks for the kind compliments on my newest Christian song en espanol ; )) Certainly appreciate this - have a happy halloween! Cheers, Bob
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