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Sher Noble
Bonita, CA  USA
Born on March 15, 1960.
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About Me
I'm a writer, both business/PR and fiction. The first brings in the $, the latter is my true avocation. Music, ambient and electronica, take my muse to a place where it can be free and inspired or energized to meet a deadline...it is always on. The work of artists, whether musicians, painters, sculptors, filmakers, or writers, touches our minds and souls and puts us in touch with the real life that is worth living...TG for them!
Hello and thanks for adding my song "Moab Haunting" to your station. I really appreciate it. Happy Hauntings! -Mike (FGP) BTW, Michael Duran added some fine guitar work over this track and you should give it a listen. http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=Michael+Duran
clive richardson
Hello Sher...and greetings from the UK! Thank you so much for adding a whole bunch of my tunes to your various stations - it's very much appreciated! :o) I hope you've had a great weekend...and you enjoy the week ahead, All the best, ~Clive~
Thank you for adding my song 'Dawn Passage' to your Station. Best wishes from Australia, Rob
Ariadawna Willowsweet
THank you for adding my song Windflowers of Mystaura to your station...Im very touched that you would do so... THank you... blessings to you... Faunaserene
Bruce Brososky
Greetings Cher, Thank you for adding "Mystere" to your World Spirit station. I appreciate the support and wish you all the best. Namaste! Bruce
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