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michael todd
Born on March 12, 1965.
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Country : Country-Rock
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About Me
Musician/Songwriter, Child of God. What else is there? I lived in sin, died in sin, now I'm BORN AGAIN and lovin' LIFE! I write a variety of song styles, but.....passion is in Southern Rock/Blues and Floyd style music. I produce demo's for small bands and individuals.
Recent Activity
Liked Michael R Baggett's song Out There Somewhere. Jun 4, 2012
Michael Todd
Been busy for awhile, looking forward to adding some new songs soon
jesse de la o
Hi Michael, dropped by to wish you a great day in our Lord. Stand encouraged.
Hiya! Thanks for stopping by, good to hear from you again. Great job on your latest song, sorry to hear about your Nephew. There's no easy way of handling things like that. The song is an excellent tribute. Hope to hear some more songs from you soon. Rodz
Hi Michael, great job on the new version of The Man I Use To Know - very nice job by Doug! :)
Hi Michael, I'm involved with putting together the news bulletins for the Clickers Club here at Soundclick. If you have any information about your new band/gigs etc, I will include it in the bulletin which will be posted on the Clickers Club page around mid-October. If you have any news for me to include, send me a PM by the September 20th, thanks. Rodz
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