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Geoff Bullock
West Pennant Hills, NSW  Australia
Born on November 6, 1955.
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Pop : Contemporary Christian
The latest songs from Geoff Bullock, formally from Hillsongs Australia, writer of The Power of Your Love; I will never be the same again; This Kingdom and others... but not Beethoven 5th... that was by Ludwig
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About Me
I have lived the most amazing life. I was once a founder of Hillsongs Music and the writer of their early work in particular "The Power of Your Love", but now I have grown into someone completely different. I have learnt much, most by bitter experience, but, through all this, I have found a hope and peace that continually surprises me. My new songs attempt to reflect this journey, so, stick around and watch the developements. By the way, thank you so much for stopping by.
Acoustic Grace Just wanted to say I enjoy your music and hope you have a blessed new year. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your music in 2008!
miff72 Hi Geoff

We meet again.....tho you have never met me!
I came to know you through your beautiful songs, many years ago. My heart was so deeply touched and moved beyond words, hearing every word placed in them. They stood out beyond all others around......they still do. Then came Watershed......wow.....the journey intensified....and I ached and questioned the Lord for pressing so hard.... And now, just today......I read the daily devotions, the poetry....dating back to July 2006....and I am REJOICING... for I have been ministered to.... Reading these devotions is the same experience as reading the Psalms.... Only David, one who had fallen and suffered so greatly, could write so profounding..... Only Geoff, one who had fallen and suffered so greatly, could write so profoundly. I wish to encourage you, brother. Write and sing and rejoice! You write about the God I have come to know and love..... and He is worthy of our Praise! From fellow fallen (into Grace!) worship leader.
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