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summerland, BC  Canada
Born on December 11, 1984.
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Rock : Psychedelic Rock
Acoustic : Acoustic General
Ynordu discusses the details in the manner of a hippo or frog.
Alternative : Alternative General
Alternative : Post Punk
Alternative : Alternative General
Alternative : Alternative General
Hi, I've been playing music for a long time. How are you today? People should comment more. I used to be at http://www.soundclick.com/jonpelletier but I am done burning songs there. There are too many of my songs there!
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Fast Lane (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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levels that had those sheltered settled when those men held hand. the devil rested in notes doctrinaire and life will run quite deep. scene old men fix others do they know? ( i do not know what that means) we are simply certain fellows requested. sir your old man who sat dear in his sleep and played lies as requests in failure on stage. perhaps your old world ways came from England, because you've requested the group Whitey the Crime. still around in situations, those norse devils you happened to request? they work for the good guys, and are really nice... http://www.youtube.com/ynordu http://jonpelletier.blogspot.com
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so i suppose i will write farts   when life takes you by the mind, and you have nowhere to go, i try to turn to a pen. now i write most of my letters on a keyboard so i explain that without these details all the lesser beasts within me can be found, somewhere when these dreams are of deceit and reckoning. i am sure that these pens are the remedy. i am sure that i know the cure, that writing with a tired head and listening to the mortal world can save me - this is a world i am sure that i live in, but am concerned that i cannot leave, no matter how many times i am buried alive or shot. i am certainly not all the delusional ...
for the record, currently alive.   Ten Minutes Later:

I called to confirm that we would meet at the parlor, she told me we would meet at the Barstruck Bistro, but only if I promised not to drink. I told her that I loved her, assuring her twice and ate a government tranquillizer that had been looking at me from the dresser since before Festin had invaded.

The guilt panged my heart as I walked slowly towards the door.
I smoked the cigarette she had recommended, Rothman’s Special. The smoke made me sick, I needed three glasses of water to settle my stock, lowering to the rungs of common man.

I opened the front door and it ...
fictional pause 1   There was a pause for a moment, while the young man fell ill with the fever of twenty-odd years of requests to die being granted. The notion was asked for, begged for, bargained for and made the appeal of these great minds controlling the machine. As he entered this world, he did not want to go and begged that he would only live a few years. The minds told him that he would have to live long enough to reclaim righteous leadership and intelligent ideas in the world and when he had, he would be allowed to leave if he felt it was for the best. When asked if he wanted to go he told the wise minds ...
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