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Ethan Shapiro
Mr. E(than)
Cedar City, UT  USA
Born on January 15, 1970.
My own artist pages
Pop : Pop Rock
Ethan Sapphire is a uniquely talented singer/songwriter with great, catchy songs that almost anyone can relate to. His songs are meaningful and diverse, sung with passion and soul, and beautifully arranged.
Rock : Christian Rock
This is the Christian rock website for Ethan Sapphire's music. Ethan is a Jewish born again Christian with a love for praise and worship. These are mostly his own songs, some of which are commercially available on CD titled Mr. E All Things Possible.
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About Me
These are exciting times for me. With the help of a record label, I am seeing many of my dreams and ambitions come to fruition. Still, a man's gotta work, so for the past 6 years or so, I'm a commercial truck driver, driving over the road (OTR) for about 5 years, and now working for a foodservice company going mostly to Vegas. This gives me more time to be home with my family and music projects. I enjoy the open road, seeing beautiful scenery and listening to my favorite music and programs on my satellite radio. My job, with it's physical demands, and my love for all natural foods keep me in great shape and feeling good.
  So this is my last week working for Nicholas and Co. They just changed my schedule to early mornings, like 3 am! I'm just miserable getting up at 2 am every day so I'm quitting to commit full time to my family and music, as well as a new concept of combining my love for singing and songwriting with my wife's love for nutrition and health.
I've prayed about all this and it's helpful to feel God's support.
So now it's time to get to work finding opportunities to publicly appear.
Also hoping to get some kind of a radio or audio broadcast of our nutrition and music show.
Love to all!
It all works out in the end   Something's been bugging me for a while.
This morning while lying in bed, I started to think of it as the cross I'm called to bear right now.
It helps to think of it that way, 'cuz it puts things in perspective.
It helps me remember the real burdens I carried in the past, which make this look miniscule.
Anyway, I've been angry at myself for not letting my record company produce my last CD.
You see, when I signed with them, I had just recorded a CD in my new home studio which I was very proud of, since I played all the instruments, and arranged the music and used what I thought at the time was ...
Pro Tools, Cedar Breaks, and Healthy Food!   G'day all,
Yesterday, I spent a few hrs in Spiral Studios in St George learning the basic functions of Pro Tools Recording software. Steve Lemmon is a real expert and a great teacher. I really admire him for what he does there: studio musician, engineer, songwriter, and singer, plus touring musician. I aspire to do what he does.
Afterward, I went with Darrin of Mishap Studios to Cedar Breaks, that beautiful spot up in the mountains. He's installed their A/V kiosk at the visitor center and needed to fix some stuff. I hiked around and checked out the campground which is really nice.
Hi there, Just dropping by to say thanks for listening to some music and leaving the great comments, I appreciate it. I been listening to some of your acoustic music tonite, you have alot of styles you are good at, nice songwriting and you do a great job with recording. I do realize about the quality of my recordings, I haven't yet been able to get a new recording device, I do hope to in the near future and can't wait to hear how much better digital sounds, I keep everything real in my acoustic songs as well, love the clean live sound. take care and keep on keepin on!
I`ve just added a new song to our profile. You`re welcome- Please let me know what you think ?
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