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Peter Fagg
Banbury, United Kingdom
Born on March 10, 1947.
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About Me
An eclectic collector of music, have a particular penchant for electronica and reworking of Old Masters with original instruments or electronic devices. I particularly enjoy it where sounds are modified and enhanced also by electronics. I hate incessant bass beat purely to back up poor composition or a crap melody. Spent many years as a member of choirs where I stayed through from Trebles to the Basses. Love singing for myself and listening to others combinations of voice and electronica and/or guitar both electric and acoustic. Always looking for that special edge that sets one piece above all the others be it a rhythm or simply an alternative on a theme. For example, to my ears if the music does not contain certain elements akin to classical music construction and insists on an incessant beat to mesmerise the listener then it loses my attention rapidly. But if a progression is noticeable from the basic rhythm that carries a theme from one stanza to another then usually I continue to listen and make my judgements based on those precepts. This criteria can be applied across the board, be it Electronica or Country & Western it makes no difference. My philosophy on life is that it is too short to fully enjoy all the pleasures that it can provide. I intend to view life as a great big laugh.
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Hi! Thank you for the kind comments about my music!
Hi! Thanks for make an exclusive Osnoff station! Peace!
DJ John Jarvis
Thanks for the comments and adding my music to your station, I'm glad you like my music. John Jarvis(DJ Slow)
Laurent Leemans, singer and guitarist of the Belgian acoustic folk-rock band CEILÍ MOSS (www.ceilimoss.be ), is proud to present his first solo-all by myself-autistic effort: "Laurent Leemans & the Imaginary Friends Ensemble" offers 11 pieces of acoustic, minimalist and not (too) boring singer-songwritership. Discover more on www.myspace.com/laurentleemans Note that in the meantime, Ceilí Moss is working on its fourth album, which should be released in the spring of 2010.
Howdy Peter! Three new songs are up - metal opera Mephist's Fandango, Michael Jackson tribute Tidal Wave and symphonic newage Freedom Unlimited. Kindly invited! :)
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