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Alan Dean
Montgomery, AL  USA
My own artist pages
Rock : Guitar Rock
Bed Of Nails creates rock songs with a strong acoustic side, augmented by electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, etc.
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Abstract soundscapes and structured noise compositions. Progressive Chaos. Chapman stick, synth, guitars, violins, jackhammers, snaps, crackles, pops...
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Liked his own playlist Xvektor's Ambient. Oct 24, 2017
Liked his own playlist Spirits From The Godless Void. Oct 24, 2017
Liked his own playlist For Old Time's Sake. Oct 24, 2017
Liked his own playlist EgoVortex. Oct 24, 2017
Liked his own playlist Psychosis Is Thicker Than Blood. Oct 24, 2017
Thanks for having added my sounds to your stations ... your choices are exceptional ... I like your research of sounds, is very exciting ... thanks again gabran
Jealous Itch
Hi Alan, I hope all is well, I need your help!! can you click on my official web page via soundclick, and place a vote for us to help us win the support gig for IRON MAIDEN here in NZ just click the ;link on www.jealousitch.com and take a minute to vote for us, Thanks for your support, antz
Hey Alan, Thanks for adding my latest song: Perihelion. Much appreciated. How are things in your world? Oh and by the way, I love your page design. Very urban electronic. nice colors too. Cheers!
Alan, I just wanted to let you know I am releasing my first full length CD. I got it back from the packagers last week and it looks awesome. I built a new page for it here: http://www.phisequence.com/discography.html and I'd love to hear any feedback you might have. Cheers. And thanks for listening! Rob
Hey Alan, Thanks for adding a few of my tracks to your station. It's appreciated! Keep up the great work. Love the background to your page btw. Rob ;-)
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