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Elendar Silvermoon
St Charles, MO  USA
Born on May 18, 1988.
My own artist pages
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic guitar and hand drumming with a dash of orchestra and inspiration from the faerie realm
Acoustic : Acoustic General
A unique blend of industrial, acoustic guitar, symphonic and celtic music with a touch from beyond
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Wild Tarantulas is the glitch/experimental side project of Faery Child.
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ELendar I miss you.....WHO can forget the FaeryCHild the wild one with the elven ears........I hope you are well.....HOpe yu remember me.....BLessings dear friend.......Katherine aka Faunaserene..Are you still guitar drummin?????? I would so love us to colaborate sometime well virtually colaborate.....SUre hope that Love and light is treating you and your wife well.......BLessings dear friend......YOU have not been forgotten.....TIsa faery charming thing you bring to everything............
Ariadawna Willowsweet
ELendar my friend you are thought of everytime I interact with faery.....Keep the faery light alive.....and I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year...Be happy , and safe...Make mirth and joy... and dont listen to the news thatll fizzle out any bright and cheery optimism you have for a blessed new year.....Blessings in love and light Happy Yule, Happy Christmas Happy and safe New year to you.... MUch love and light to you, Keep making music.......~Katherine
Heynow. I'm just dropping in on my friends, at least the ones who have shown signs of recent activity (and some who have not) to wish everyone Happy New Year. Best wishes to you in 2011. - DL
Hello my dear friend Elendar...YOu are so missed...I hope that you are well and happy...THings are really very chaotic around this house...My dad has Alzhiemers and is now dying of lung cancer....and I am failing so much with him....He is an innocent in all of this...BUt he antagonizes my spirit and spooks me out....He always tells me there are people in the closet and that men are around that arent....All I can do because I do not drive a car is close the door and escape to my music and art....MY mom seems to handle him better than any of us...BUt he is very very sick and dying....and Im dying inside watching this whole thing...THis will probably be our last Xmas holiday with him..All I can do is create music and create my fractal art.....I pray and hope you are well....YOU are so missed....BLessings to you...we all need blessings! Much love and light...Katherine
Hey there. Happy New Year to you and yours. Here's wishing you the best in 2010. -DL
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