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Stef Sigfalk
bow triplets
Basadingen, TG  Switzerland
Born on December 27, 1951.
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World : Traditional Celtic
Very Celtic music played by a dedicated Band. Traditional songs and tunes plus original compositions combining their own multinational backgrounds whith the Celtic styles to which this band is deeply comitted.Irish - Celtic, World - Folk, Bluegrass..
Acoustic : Acoustic Folk
Heidi Sigfalk, vocalist and fiddler playing with her duo Heidi and Stef and her band the Bow Triplets. Enjoy her singing and fiddling here!
World : Traditional Celtic
Heidi & Stef are members of the Bow Triplets but their musical career started much earlier with this duo formation.
Acoustic : Acoustic Folk
Repertoire for annual musical meeting organized by the music school. Recorded and made available by Heidi and Stef Sigfalk. No commercial use allowed. Stubeterepertoire für das Allspiel der Musikschule Andelfingen und Umgebung. Aufgenommen von u..
World : Traditional Irish
Ronnie Carthy, a hearty and talented folksinger / guitarist who has held audiences in the palm of his hand with his music in many countries and on many occasions for a good many years. His voice lets you sence the salty waters of a tormented sea.
World : Traditional Celtic
Ballads grown out of life. Observing and contemplating. Straight forward, simple lyrics with melodies leaning on the genres of accoustic folk, celtic, irish. Played by the Bow Triplets.
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About Me
Hello, I'm Stef and I administer the Bow Triplets, original trio and quartett as well as the duo Heidi & Stef. I can tell you, it's not one bit boring:-) The band works out of Switzerland with musicians from Ireland, Sweden and Germany. There's a European union for ye! You can listen to much of Bow Triplets' music here. Hope you might like some of it. Please enjoy. Please mail us if you have a query. I will answer personally and rapidly (except Thursdays, that's my night off;-). Best wishes from all of us Heidi & Stef Sigfalk and Brendan Wade
Have a nice new year....You are sounding fantastic.
bow triplets
Dear all, thank you so much for your kind comments Heidi, Brendan and Stef
I absolutely love your beautiful music.
Hi Stef...thanks for the add. Looking forward to listening to more of your music as time allows. Winter's are my musical salvation ;-)
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