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Jeremy King
Plzen, Bohemia  Czech Republic
Born on July 31, 1965.
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World : Traditional Celtic
Traditional Irish and Celtic Folk with a twist of Central European folk. Rollickin' lollickin' songs, jigs and reels!
Metal : Thrash Metal
World : Traditional European
Driving Czech folk with strong Celtic overtones
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Still doing my best to make it sing Jeremy.
You know I never had much use for drums till you came along. Your talent is richer than gold!
just listening to your tunes. Great musicianship. Great music. Can't play it, but I love it. Love the drum, the bodhran. Love the Irish music.
The Angel Realm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY!!!!!!!! I hope you have a nice birthday with celebration and many presents. You have much more talent than most people even know. Some of it, you hide. But, inquisitive monsters like myself, find out these facts. Hugs and Blessings, The Countess LekZeeeeeeee
The Angel Realm
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JEREMY....Your video, Poitin session in U Sv. Rocha, Plzen, CZ.....is magnificent. I come here to hear your great music, too, as well as Pavel's. The CZ Republic seems to be calm and peaceful with so much respect for the Arts. Are most people nice there with a low crime rate???? All your music is beautiful. Blessings, Lekzee
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