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carl-henrik caldaras
skärholmen, Sweden
Born on September 29, 1942.
My own artist page
Classical : Choral
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About Me
Playing organ and piano even sing solo song(Have learn my self.Now I have one women who learn me play organ, whith the pedal.Hope you understand my bad english). Love cats. Welcome to visit my half cousine who is "big" singer and musicer: http://www.caldaras.com If you like to see more about the music I lissen to go to: http://www.lastfm.se/user/gladacalle Welcome even to look on: http://calleiskarholmen.blogspot.com Facebook: Carl-henrik caldaras
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angela dittmar
Hi Carl! Thank you for adding "Message of Love" to your station. Your encouragement is very appreciated! Many blessings to you in your ministry! ang :)
David Byers
Thanks for adding "He Answers Prayer" to your station. God Bless you!!!
robert steven hunt
Hi Carl, thank you so much for adding "Coming Home" to one of your Christian music stations. I was deeply honoured to think that you have chosen one of my music tracks. Your English is very good, much better than my Swedish. I have only just begun to share my music compositions for the piano keyboard with a wider audience (it is very early days for me yet). I have received some very encouraging comments about my music from all over the world. Thank you for your support and interest in my music. Please keep in touch, from your new friend in England. Take care and God Bless you! Robert Steven Hunt.
I'm going to be going off of soundclick for sometime, because has of Feb 24,2010 my husband Jeremiah & I had our first child Jeremiah Jesse Brock 7.1 lbs 20 inch long. I just feel it is best at this time to be a mom and wife. I will be singing with my young sister at different times. If you would like to heard us sing, just go to http://www.soundclick.com/rubyratliff I hope you enjoy our songs.
Dave Meyers USA
Hi Car. Thanks for adding my song "The Great Present" to your station. May God Bless your ministry! Dave
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