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phat guy productions
Shinjuku, Tokyo  Japan
Born on March 14, 1972.
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Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
PGP (phat guy productions) produces jazzy urban pop mellow R&B songs to help you relax and have fun.
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PGP on MySpace   We have a different version of our new track 'WHAT I KNOW" on our MySpace page. Come check it out!

click to PGP HOME(https://www.myspace.com/phatguyproductions) on MySpace
NEW TRACK IS UP! "WHAT I KNOW"   It's been over 6 months since we uploaded our last song!
If you like groovy stuff, here's something new from us. It's a little different from what we usually do, flava-wise, but we hope you'll enjoy it. Any comments welcome! Mas PGP
SHINE MY WAY LIKE THE SUN   New track's up! Took us a whie to get it done, but here it is!
Check it out on the station below or on our music page.

It's a jazz vocal song. See if you like it. Any comments welcome.
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Thats okay I just found your track by chance browsing the soul charts notice your sound has a jamiroquai edge to it which I cant get enough of so I will get back to check out all your tracks soon.
Berry Evers
Thanks for supporting my music! I gladly returned the honor...u have a pleasant voice coupled with creative arrangements! All the best, Chazz
ken hutcheson
Hey PGP, Thanks for adding "Love Left Waiting" to your station. I appreciate it. I added "I LIKE IT LIKE THAT" to my station. Just what it needed. ken
Hello! Thanks for adding my track to your playlist! I appreciate your support. Best wishes - Jim Emmons
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