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Dale Forsyth
Dunedin, New Zealand
Born on November 23, 1968.
My own artist page
Rock : Guitar Rock
From techno to rock, hard rock techno rock and dance Night Hawk (NZ). All forms of music, soundz and effects... http://www.wackywoodworks.co.nz/music/index1.
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About Me
As of 24th January 2016, I am releasing my music under the creative commons license. This means you can use in your videos on youtube. All I ask is a return link in the description. So here is the list of tracks I am releasing under Creative Commons License to my fellow creators... Not all tracks are being uploaded as some I do have other copyrights on them and others are colabs with other artists which means I can not release them under Creative Commons Attribution License as I do not owe 100% rights to them even though I wrote the original track. You don't have to use these tracks just for video productions etc, you can download purely for listening pleasure and can copy to as many devices as you wish. Be forwarned I have unquie style of music and sound that sometimes can be a bit out there (while other tracks are more classical ie; rock and dance) some you may like yet others you may not as I try to cover a very broad spectrum of genres, styles and mixes. All I ask is a link to this page in you video description. Something along the lines of; “(song title)” by Nighthawk Music is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ ) Artist: Nighthawk http://www.wackywoodworks.co.nz/music/index1.php
Recent Activity
Liked AVALANCHE's song THE GOLDEN SUN (2012). Oct 13, 2012
Morphine   Hi all it has been a while... life getting in the road of every thing and my new hobby of woodworking and my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/WackywoodworksCoNz seems to be taking up a lot more time than I actually thought it wood (pun intended lol)

Anyway I have put out a new track called Morphine it is one of the few tracks will limited vocals from me Nighthawk in it... so go check it out.

I still do play and create music and the music in my woodwork videos on youtube is all my music. This has lead me down a path of releasing my music under the Creative Commons License so that ...
I be back...   Well I have had a break from writing music for a while, buying a house and running a community website can do that to you... www.southernrider.co.nz

I have a few ideas for some music so I must I must increase my (oh wait) ummmm muscical input :-) I have only just started getting back in to it all as I have had many projects on the go most can be found here on my blog https://www.southernrider.co.nz/projects/

Anyway keep an eye out in the not to distant future for some more new Nighthawk tracks this is for all my 2 fans out there... ok 3 fans...

More shaking...   Okay with the second devasting Earthquake hitting Christchurch we are off to help our friends and family in Christchurch... with water supplies and food gas cookers and all that.

As before hearts and preyers go out to those that still have loved ones missing and those that have lost.

Those that don't know this earthquake while was only 6.3, it was only 5km deep and was centred on the city and only 10km from down town... being so shallow it causes more lateral movement... also with the buildings already weakened by the 7.1 last yeara and the continuos after shocks it was enough to cause major...
Hey Coaster Buddy... It's been way too long since we've chatted. I hope you and Paula are well...and that life in New Zealand is good. Lots of changes in my life since we last spoke...some good...some not so good...but AVALANCHE is still here (and so am I) and we've got a lot of new stuff...the new CD is being Mastered right now in Australia. I hope your still making music...and that those monitors are hanging in. It's a shame that we're not as close as we used to be...simply because of one guy who isn't even in the picture anymore. Let's see if we can fix all of that. Give Paula a "cheers" and a kiss for me. Hugs...Mike (NAV)
Hi Dale, Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday season. Check out my "Eternal Light" Christmas message when you have time. Blessings, Lynn
Stopping by to say hi and to let you know that we have some new songs when you get some time stop by and check them out and let us know what you think.....
Hi, Just stopping by to wish you a good Easter weekend! Blessings, :o) Lynn
Hi! Thanks for finding me and being a freind!! Blessings, Lynn
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