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Dave Clough
Big Wheel
Poulton le Fylde, Lancs  United Kingdom
Born on January 22, 1969.
My own artist pages
Electronic : Electronica
Original electronica for chillage, danceage, noddage and groovage.
Electronic : Mellow
A collection of dance-influenced love songs.
Alternative : Indie
Anthemic indie-rock
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A fictional place of song and dance
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About Me
I'm just this guy who makes tuna for the purpose of sweetness in your earpans. I'm getting OK at it now, but there's always room for improvement. There's always a bigger wheel. There's only one me, however: I am a long time keyboardist with a fair amount of live performance experience. I session piano sometimes for this and that, but I'm not an orchestra theory type. I know the names of the notes, and the chords, but it's all mostly done by ear. Most of my tracks are part-programmed, part performed, which is to say I write the riffs by playing rather than programming, and often leave the original performance untouched. Most of the piano parts are played, and more recently I've been working with some really cool musicians from around these parts, using what I record of them in a samply-cubasey kind of way. My most recent tracks feature my own guitar playing as well as keyboardery, with fun sessions from these guys: Guitar Andy: who knows everything there is to know about everything even vaguely related to music. Plays leads and ebow stuff. (feat on 'Fire' - coming soon). He's called Guitar Andy for a reason. Matt Gallagher: A multi-instrumentalist who is awesome at all of them. Bastard. On my tracks, he plays funk rhythm guitar.. in his sleep. (feat on 'Get the Funk') Dave Cutler: The funkiest beardiest bassist ever, and a bit of a bass machine. Slappy devil. (feat on 'Get the Funk') That's it. Drop me a line goddammit, and download my shit. It's FREE
Just dropping by the wish you a very Merry Xmas, and a Happy Creative Musical New Year!
dropping you a line goddammit! keep groovin' groover, your tracks are getting better all the time.
steve gilmore
DAAAAYYYMMMM, that's a lot of spam..... :D
Wishing you and your family a very merry xmas, and a happy new year. Steve Love the remix's
hey man , i'm liking the new version of illusion
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