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Road Apples
Born on October 5, 1964.
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Rock : Garage Rock
garage rock, garage music, garage punk, 60's, b-grade; horror movies, monster, rock, road apples
Alternative : Alternative General
Original tunes by a songwriter in Canada - Guitar -based alt/indie rock - I hope you like it!
Country : Alternative Country
road apples alt-country Johnny Cash
Rock : Rock General
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About Me
Road Apples music in all its Canadian indie power pop glory! My latest project is a monster movie/garage band project - I will be releasing a CD and am in the process of taking it out into some local live venues with a terrific band called "A Cry Of Hounds".
A hurtin' song...   Gone Long Gone is my latest Sad Hill Cemetery song - a hurtin' song...adivorce song. Interesting that I've never been divorced, but oh well. I've joined an alt-country band here called Sam Hall and the Straw Dawgs, and we're playing tunes more in the country genre than the stuff I used to play. It's fun - that's what counts, really.

You can check them out at www.myspace.com/strawdawgs if you're interested. The singer has a GREAT country voice.
Little Blue Pill   OK - I've had people praise this tune as a work of near majestic proportions. I had one person tell me "I ain't buying what you're selling - Achy Breaky Heart is how it's done right" (shudder). Angelika got it right - it was/is a fun song - first to write and record, and hopefully now to listen to. No deep underlying message here - I hope that's obvious! However, the musical influences behind the song are genuine. I ain't making fun o' a part of my musical heritage - as much as I might have denied it when I ewas young...and dark and tall.
Too Late To Say Goodbye?   Well, there's a mod at Soundclick that doesn't really like me anymore. I guess if you hang long enough, you're bound to make enemies. I'm the sort that, when I see an injustice, i tend to want to fight against it.

Anyway, please listen to my new song. i think it's a good one.
Hello friend, Thought about how fast time flies! So easy to forget things we should remember. Tomorrow is soon just a memory my friend ... However, wish you a great day! All the best, Clubsville
Jeff... Better late than never,just downloaded all of cry of hounds. Excellent material
Hi Jeff... Thanks for the visit to our page...and the great comps on THE GOLDEN SUN. It means a lot coming from you...and I have to say, I miss seeing you hanging around SC these days. The place just doesn't feel quite the same to me without you. I guess I've come to appreciate your grounded and realistic assessments about life here... LOL. Y'all come back now....hear? Hugs...Mike (NAV) http://www.soundclick.com/Avalanche
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snap crackle Pirate Alert! yay!
Hello my friend, Thought it was time to say Hello! Hope all is well on your side of the screen. Have a great weekend! All the best, Svante / Clubsville
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