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Jorge Ubalde
Jacksonville, fl  USA
Born on May 13, 1956.
My own artist pages
Rock : Rock General
Devilrouser has been around since 1969 under different names and asociations. He is Guitarrist/Singer/Songwriter... in that order. Rock/Blues/Electric/Acoustic/Originals/Covers
Rock : Classic Rock
We are Edwardo (Drums,Vocals) and FJ (Guitars,Vocals). We like our music hard and LOUD!
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howdy..thanks for stoppin by,have you noticed how dead soundclick is compared to myspace?
bleedin brain music
Thanx For ADD ^5 Seeya in Heaven Cave Dweller BBMinc
Hello Jorge, Really nice to hear from you. I'm sorry you haven't been doing much in the way of music recently. With all of the great indie artists kicking around, I wouldn't think you'd ever lack article ideas. You can always offer to interview people. Most artists don't run away from publicity. Have you heard the music of Jon Cockner? (I think Cockner is his last name, but he goes by Kulimafi and his band page is called Hellbus. The guy's a great tunesmith and writer.) Silvertrain would be another good bet. Bonamici and Nad Sylvan are really an amazing duo. They are on Artistlaunch not Soundclick. Mike Kohlgraph is not only really worth interviewing for his own sake, but could give you a list of 100's of worthy artists, as could Steve Gilmore. Another band Stick123 - that's their board name - are just unreal: great rock band! I see that Al has posted a message on your board. Can't post longer here...out of space. Blessings, CAm
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Hey! thanks for having Gleam and Crisco Fever on your stations! Al
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