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tom richards
clarksburg, wv  USA
Born on February 23, 1953.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
Acoustic Vocals, christian, alternative, techno, urban, word, acoustic guitar
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iPsalm16 rEsurrEctingbLiss   i know that the days that lie before us will be a lot lighter if we have an excellent word to keep us, Psalm 16 is such a Word. Spurgeon and others call it the Golden Psalm 4 good reason. this is a promise of the resurrecting power that lies within the Fathers Word, revealed by our Lord & so graciously given to us all.
Rev.19_KJV_King of KIngs & Lord of Lords   what a couincidence, the 25th is also THE BIRTHday, OF THE SON OF THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN OF HEAVEN, Mithra... i am glad to know the TRUTH...
Psalm 56_JPS_tears in A bottle_Walter Masih_India   the accused were released on bail by the Rajasthan High Court after its denial first by the trial court and later by the Sessions Court on the basis of prima facie evidence produced against them. i didn't see anything, did you ?
Karl Hewitt
hi stranger, So sorry I haven't been in touch for awhile been mega busy I have a 2 year old daughter now so its hard keeping in touch with people and writing music. I have a new song I have wrote so if u get chance can u give it a listen :) think u might like it Thanks little brother Karl Hewitt
Thanks David...
'' flight to heaven '' ..live.. Moscow .. Night club
Hi, Tom .. Hope you Ok.. about film.. Only treller yet..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL1eoqwn-mM
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