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Jukka Sihvola
jukka sihvola
Mikkeli, Near Russian border  Finland
Born on October 7, 1955.
I am a very nice guy(heh heh)
Interested in...
Finding new music
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Liked Jalise's song Shut up. Jun 21, 2018
Liked Double Tumble's song Meantownblues. Jun 3, 2018
Liked Mr Completely's song Never See You Again. Aug 16, 2014
Liked AlkAmySts's song Dreams. Aug 30, 2013
Dark Productions
great photos
gasoline alley
love the bike i am also a bike builder Check out some of my songs http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=gasoline%20alley&content=station&id=807861
Terve. Käväseppäs kuuntelemassa Dead By Dolls Soundclick sivuilla meidän uusi biisi Happy Pills. Se on otos meidän joulukuussa ilmestyvältä pitkäsoitolla. Hyvää talven alkua t.Dead By Dolls
hello. thanks for the add. I'm humbled and it's appreciated. D.
Wow, Cool Chopper my friend!!!! Peace
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