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Paul Gooding
Adelaide, SA  Australia
Born on September 11, 1968.
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Rock : Folk Rock
Spiral Dance, from Adelaide, play original high-energy Celtic Pagan Folk Rock music. Haunting vocals intertwine with fiddle, guitar, accordion, bass and drums to convey songs magic, myth and legend.
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Merry meet and hello from the other side of the world. Thanks for adding me. Blessings, - DL
lemon bitter
Good music
Appreciate the add, on Soundclick Friends list. Your music is outstanding, and beautiful. Hope you stop by and maybe in given time you might honor us at Pagan Musicians Network http://paganmusicians.ning.com Pagan Musicians )0(
I'm such a huge fan. The first moment that I heard Faerietale I just fell in love with your music. Sadly I have a difficult time getting your CDs in Canada, so I have to rely on pagan radio stations and whatever you're willing to allow for download on this site. (The one North American online store doesn't have the CDs I really want, and the other doesn't have paypal. *sighs* ) The moment you decide to bless us with more download options I'll be here buying your songs in a moment. Seriously, I just love you guys, your music fills my heart and soul with such joy. Blessed Be, and thank you for spreading such lovely joy, music and energy into the world. :D
Good morning Paul Thanks for the friendship Have a Happy Easter eyesock.com
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