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Stephen Ashcroft
United Kingdom
Born on March 7, 1990.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
hip hop, rap, freestyle, diss, battles, emotion, young, fresh, talented
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About Me
My names Stephen Ashcroft, im 18 from Darwen (Near Blackburn).. quite near to Manchester.. Ive been rapping for aslong as i remember now, ever since i bought Eminems albums; which is alot of peoples influence to start rapping and hip hop. It inspired me to write lyrics, which from a young age iv always been good at. I used to like poetry in english which most people didnt becoz i found it easy and it gave me a chance to express my minds thoughts on a certain topic. When i first started secondary school i took an interest in a rap battle website called lyrical gods. I used to battle people (text battles) to see who had the best punchlines, metaphores, complexity of lyrics etc, and the more times u won the higher you moved up in the rank. Since having one star against my name (Lowest rank), i was determined to get to the to spot... so i knuckled down n dedicated most of my spare time to writin lyrics. Eventually i was good enough to be known as one of the Veterans on the site.. But i wanted to take it further.. so i moved onto audio, which was actually recordin the lyrics id wrote down over a beat. I aint gunna lie, i was probably the worst person in the world at this point, i cudnt do it. But yet again sumthin told me to carry on, which i did....
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