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Ken Sacco
Born on March 22, 1971.
All Fender all the Time
My own artist pages
Rock : Rock n Roll
A variety of cheap guitars plugged into a crappy laptop producing mediocre sounds
Rock : Rock n Roll
Kids stuff
Rock : Rock n Roll
Rock,POP ,Hard Rock, offbeat, weird ,cool, different
Rock : Rock n Roll
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Posted on the band/artist FusionFall Project. Apr 30
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Posted on the band/artist Michael Duran. Apr 30
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Hi Ken. If you swing by here: I have a new rocker up, "The Dragon Fly". ANy comments would be appreciated. Cheers Holger
Thanks Ken!! great to see you drop by FusionFall Project and my page also :-) always appreciate the comments and your time amigo!
Thanks for listening, Ken!
Bob Forbes
Thanks Ken :^))
Hi Ken. Not sure if you are back for good, but you can always hope! I have a new one up called "Full Flight Julie" Cheers Holger.
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