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Next New Nerd
Southgate, MI  USA
Born on February 28, 1990.
My own artist pages
HipHop : Hip Hop General
A Metro Detroit Area Rapper, with a Unique Style.
Electronic : Electronica
Music producer/Musician From the Metro Detroit Area.
Alternative : Alternative General
Various Artist whom are part of Next New Nerd Records
Pop : Pop Rock
Phillip Dlugoss a Pop/rock Musician from Southgate, MI
Rock : Rock General
We are a Multi-style outfit based in Royal Oak, Michigan. We currently consist of: Phillip Dlugoss - Vocals/Multi-Instrument Patrick McCoy - Bass Guitar As well as other members.
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About Me
Next New Nerd Records is an artist owned independent net label. Started in 2006 by Musician Phillip Dlugoss as an umbrella for his solo material and any other material involving him or his friends. The label was originally based in Southgate, MI for many years since it's creation (2006-2009). In 2010, along with it's many changes to the label including its name, the label moved to Royal Oak, MI. This change was brought due to the music scene in that area, which is much more open to other genes (absolutely no offense to Southgate, we still love the area, some of our employee's still live there) While at the moment the label's catalog only consists of material by Phillip Dlugoss, the label is looking for new releases to take on.
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Liked Larry Ludwick's song My Breeze. Jun 15, 2012
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