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Larry Wolf
River Wolf
Smith River, CA  USA
Born on January 27, 2005.
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About Me
Firstly I love life, Family and Music is my passion. Song writer, bass, 6 & 12 String Guitar and Lap Slide. My stations are an extra for me to listen and enjoy other musicians on Soundclick and my friends....Let me add some of the best talent you have ever heard....Thanks for stopping by.
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Ariadawna Willowsweet
Hi........My name is Faunaserene.. Ariadawna WIllowsweet is just my member name.. My artist name is Faunaserene........I had sent you a friend request last night........click on this little deer icon.....BLessings....~Faunaserene
Ariadawna Willowsweet
[last edited on Tue Mar 29, 2016 @ 03:55 AM]
Hi RIverWolf...I just finished my version of the song you gave to Jon to play drums on which Sonicism then added his magic.............I renamed it with my lyrics...I have a feeling your gonna like it even love it.....I also added some pitch shifting on the keys some violin and guitar synths and my vocals and harmonies.....THe name I named it is EMBLAZED......My name is Faunaserene......YOu have some wonderful music.....I loved what I had to work with..the dobro is so beautifully played......and what Sonicism did is lovely as well...Jons drums are so masterfully played....We all sound great together...I love this song Thank you again.........~Faunaserene Here it is "EMBLAZED" http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13346817
GREAT JAMMIN WITH YOU LARRY :)........ "IN YOUR DREAMS"....ROCKS! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=911392
Thanks for dropping by and good to here your back in the music game let me know if I can help out on a track
Hey, I'm just passing through. It's been ages since I last dropped in. :) Blessings, - DL
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