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Shadow Al
Fresno, CA  USA
Born on March 28, 1979.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Expression of One where The Essence of One's Soul is Expressed through Music. A Skill unlike no other where lyrics are heard and a message is heard. A form of art where the heart is expressed through the eyes of a young man who sees life through pa..
Instrumentals : Hip Hop
We are The New Breed. There's Shadow Al, Lucifer and Sekuma. We all have our individual talents and grew up together. Through it all we had our ups and downs like any group however it is God who has kept us together. Music is expression so listen.
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Spiritual, hip hop, hardcore, love, hate, sorrow, peace, war, ghetto, harmony, regret, revenage, destruction, custom, culture, brother, sister, vocals, studio,
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It's been a long time since we've done any promoting. Koalition is back up and running. We have a new video posted on our site, for the song "Freedom Wasn't Free". When you get a chance stop by and check it out & tell us what you think of the video. We are also offering free mp3 downloads on our main site. All you have to do is sign up for or newsletter on our main site to gain access to our download page. A high quality version of the video is available for download as well. you can also access the video though my profile thanks alot Aarion Lee Koalition
Shyrita Washington
Thanx for the feedback on my last album and the love. You encouraged me to keep the music coming. Well my new album "Summer Rain" has been released!! Listen to a sample on my artist page. Download at www.shyritawashington.com If you enjoy my new song "Reborn", please vote for it. Thanx for your support in advance.
Check Trance out! This is my latest musical endeavor! Hit Trance up on the message board and vote "HOT" on the tracks! "It's That FMJ Baby!" "It's Ear-Lickin' Good!" LiKWiD www.soundclick.com/tranceus
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