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joyce davis
winsted, ct  USA
Born on May 27, 1961.
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Acoustic : Acoustic General
Acoustic, Acoustic FolkFolk
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About Me
The songs I posted here are basement tapes, recorded on a radio shack flat casette tape recorder, as well as collaborations with brilliant artists from dmusic, soundclick and myspace. I was a singer/songwriter/guitarist for 35 years until a series of unfortunate events put me into a coma for 4 weeks, and had me in the hospital for 2 months. I woke up as a quadraplegic. After 6 months in a rehabilitation hospital, I was able to regain some strength in my arms and hands, hold my head up and sit up without tipping over. I was left as a paraplegic, on oxygen, with irretractable pain in my coccys and feet. After many attempts to sing, I had tests done which showed that I only had one vocal chord closing properly, thus, my singing career was over. After months of trying to play guitar the spasms in my arms and hands left my guitar career over, also.. I decided I can still write lyrics, and have partnered with some of the best talent over at DMusic, Myspace and here at Soundclick. These tracks kept music in my life when I thought I lost everything. You'll be able to tell the difference between my basement tapes, and my writing collaborations. I invite you to contact me if you want to try a collaboration! Make sure to go to dmusic.com for a great/live interaction musicians community, lending itself for solo, band and collaboration's. peace---jd Save Darfur
New CD Release!   There's a lot of talent online at music communities on the web and more than a few of them are represented here on the
COVER ME CD. This is a project that has taken 3 years, and about 1000 years of experience to make. I don't want to talk up the CD too much because, well, after all, I wrote the songs (you can hear me perform them on my "BASEMENT TAPES" CD, but these are some fine covers. It's really a last hurrah for these songs as I am not able to perform them anymore, and I feel so honored that these friends became involved with the project.

Please join me in enjoying our friend's great ...
Still Light Records releases The Basement Tapes   Welcome to the latest wave of rock my world so far! Still Light Records has recently released my first CD of folk acoustic folk and even folk rock songs in one CD and one free bonus downloadable CD with liner notes and lyrics for both.. contact stilllightrecords@gmail.com or note me here with your name, address, and we'll send you the paypal link where you can use about any credit card. we'll get you a copy, one way or another.
Thank you for supporting my music!
peace and love---jd
Hans-Peter Lipp
Hi Joyce, long time ago, how do you doing?..I hope your doing good! I've send you a PM. Wish you all the best HP
third dominion
Hello Joyce,, I uploaded our song here today :D Hope you are well my dear friend :) *hug*rose ~~~ john
Hi Joyce, How have you been doing? Hope all is well with you, I hope you and yours have a nice Thanksgiving! I'm taking care here in the midwest and now winter is knocking on the door. Take care and be well woman! ~strummergurl~
Hiya Joyce, Long time no hear? How ya be woman? Droppin by to wish you and yours a nice Memorial Day weekend. Hope all is going good with you, I'm looking forward to a long weekend, and doin a little kickin back and celebrating! Take care and have a good one Joyce! ~strummergurl~
Hey Joyce have a great friday and a wonderful mothers day's weekend ;)
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