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Kris Mbah
Kalamazoo/Detroit, MI  USA
Born on October 23, 1983.
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About Me
For most of us life is but the gentle clock ticking. For me life is living. A feeling and emotion brushed beauty so simplistic yet so complex as breath itself. I love to live. I live to love. Love is life. Life is love. I am alive. Therefore... I am love... My love is free. If you'd only but reach out both hands to receive it. I am but a simple man. Strong and weak the same. I ask so much yet so little. I give so much but have so little to offer. I am human. Fragile, Broken, Scared, Alone, yet... Perfect. I am the perfect disaster. I am not a unique snowflake made with my own special intricacy's. I am the all knowing all seeing crap of the world. I am God's son. I am... ATLAS
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