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FIN Band
Goettingen, Germany
Born on March 3, 1950.
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Blues : Blues Rock
FIN a.t.BAND...FINMUSIC 2000...NEWs Project06:Dr.Hackenbush Band...FINmarketingLABEL Goettingen
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About Me
I' m FIN (p.p.h old Musician from Goettingen/Germany...(...)" more INFo check www.fin-band.com
Hayley Oliver
Happy holidays Fin, Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and successful 09. Peace and love Hayley
Hayley Oliver
Hey Fin, Just stoppping in to say hi and thank you for adding me to your friends. :) hope you're having a good weekend take care Love hayley
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed checking out your songs too - you have a great variety of music on your page!
Hayley Oliver
Hi Fin, Really nice to meet you on SC. thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a message. :) Have a great weekend Love Hayley
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