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Tolgar Canli
Brooklyn, NY  USA
Born on May 26
Co-founder SoundClick. I love my job and realize how fortunate I am. Liker of music and animals, creativity seeker, solver of problems. That and other stuff.
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About Me
SoundClick Co-Founder. I grew up in Germany, and started SoundClick in 1997 together with my twin brother Tanju. After bouncing around coasts and continents I'm back in NYC. Loving it!! A drawback of loving your job is that you spent too much time working. But I love my Xbox, movies with good writing and/or directing, brunch w/ Bloody Mary, attending live concerts or the occasional art exhibition. Wish I had the time to actually make music again. Someday. Ps: Please do not post on my page for assistance. All support issues should be sent to support@soundclick.com. Our staff is the best in the world, and can hopefully help you quickly.
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Rest in peace, Etta   “A lot of people think the blues is depressing,” she told The Los Angeles Times in 1992, “but that’s not the blues I’m singing. When I’m singing blues, I’m singing life. People that can’t stand to listen to the blues, they’ve got to be phonies.”

NY Times: Etta James, Powerful Voice Behind ‘At Last,’ Dies at 73

Hello, is it me you're looking for?  
The Cure - Reflections   Three Imaginary Boys. Seventeen Seconds. Faith.

These are of course the first three albums of music legends The Cure. And as part of the highly exclusive Reflections tour they played all three albums - in their entirety! - to an ecstatic crowd at Beacon Theater. And what a night it was! They played all three albums front to back, with short intermissions in between. Then it was topped with 3 more encores, for a total of 46 songs. Check out the amazing setlist of this show.

I didn't get tickets through Ticketmaster, damn scalpers didn't give me a chance. I was luckily able to score tickets ...
hi and happy holidays...can you delete jerry Mackie email address and replace it with jerrymallory21@gmail.com I don't it
I guess I should wait for the kinks to straighten out before posting. I liked my new design I last did. I will wait and see how it irons out. Happy to see the site administration looking to better this site. Thanks! k
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I'm not liking the new layout at all :( I have vip and my page looks like everyone else's. I like the old design much better.
Happy New Year Tolgar! Greetings from Sweden. Svante / Clubsville
Thanks for your prompt assistance recently, really appreciate it!
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