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Vöhl, Germany
Born on June 21, 1965.
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Blues : Blues Rock
Guitar, Rock, Blues, Bluesrock, Ballads
Rock : Guitar Rock
Dragondicer's former Rock Band. We formed in 1990 in Fassberg (hence the name!!), Germany, during our army service.
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About Me


Guitarist, Stratocaster addict, solo musician. Loves and plays: Blues, Bluesrock, Rock, Hardrock, Metal and ballads every now and then.

Please check out my music page "DRAGONDICER".

"KEG MOUNTAIN CREW" was my Rockband in 1990. Old stuff, uploaded just for memorial reasons. Re-mixed from cassette tapes, hence the slightly reduced quality in comparison to mp3.

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Liked DirtyLarry's song 1972. Dec 18, 2012
Liked Astronomusic's song Gods in the Sky. Dec 18, 2012
Let's hear that new amp - let it rip! ;)
Dany Ray Barnes
Hi Dee. Thanks for your gracious comments on my stuff. Btw, I can't get your player to play... I want to hear your stuff. Dan Barnes
Maria Daines
Hello Dieter :) just calling in to wish you well and hope everything is fine and happy in your part of the world, it's very cold here in UK & we're hoping summer will arrive soon! Take care dear friend & keep on rockin!! Bye for now Maria & Paul xx
Carol Douglas
Great to see you back Dieter, and thanks so much for putting the videos up at YouTube....(got links to them on my page again) Take care, and if you're still feeling a little down, try letting off steam again with another song like "Go to hell" It still makes me smile listening to it. Hugs, Carol.x
Maria Daines
Happy New Year Dieter!!!!!!!!!!! We hope 2008 is a better year for you and brings peace and happiness and a lot of love, stay strong & all our best :) Love from M&P xxxxx
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