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Connie M
Born on January 31, 1964.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
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I have been singing now for 20 years. I sing in churches mainly, and occasionally other venues, when or wherever the need arises. I've also been a songwriter now for about 18 years, but lately, I've been hot on the songwriting trail, co-writing with friends, and will soon release an EP, so I don't have any songs posted right now, but I'm hoping to very soon.................C: Christian music and songwriting influences include The late Keith Green and Rich Mullins, Mercy Me, Third Day, Bryan Duncan & Jeremy Camp Mainstream music and songwriting influences include Eva Cassidy, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sting, Paul Simon, k.d. Lang and the Rippingtons I also love what some of the indie bands are doing, including some that are here on Soundclick. Please check out my station and enjoy the work of some of my favorite Soundclick artists! Peace, C:
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Liked Trevor Clements's song So Beautiful. Jun 3, 2014
Hi! Thank you for adding my songs to your station! jeanie
sunkist sweetie
I miss the tunes! Can't wait 'til you post the new music.... Skye
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Indie Musician of the Month-September 2008 A little early this month, but I just wanted to give my 2 thumbs up to the new cd "SOMEWHERE" by the late EVA CASSIDY. Yet another collection of great music unearthed by friends of the late singer. I highly recommend "Ain't Doin' Too Bad" "Chain of Fools" and "Won’t Be Long"---a phenomenal voice coupled with the perfect songs! A true pleaser!!! www.blixstreet.com
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Indie Musician of the Month-June 2008 I love, love, love the vocals of Kathy Fisher who hails from Los Angeles. Her band, The Fisher Band, does the CVS Pharmacy commercial cut of "Ordinary Miracle". Terrific vocalist and really cool music!! www.fishertheband.com
Indie Musician of the Month-May 2008 This month, I choose my longtime favorite jazz group Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons. Russ Freeman is an amazing arranger, producer, and guitarist, and the band has several fantastic albums worth listening to. You won't be sorry! www.rippingtons.com
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