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Kelly McKee
Chicago, IL  USA
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Rock : Rock General
Windows To Eternity Official Site - Neoclassical Heavy Metal; Symphonic Rock : Formal classical music written for the instruments of the rock band.
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About Me
Politics?: Centrist Drink?: I’m a connoisseur Lifestyle? Straight (Hetero) Want Kids?: Yeah, Someday
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"Advertisements do not validate point of view." -a common viewpoint!

"To be ignorant of what ocurred before you were born is to remain always a child" -Cicero

"If people are not educated into their place in human history, they are rendered powerless, subject to passing fads and outlandish beliefs. They become vulnerable to the flattery of demagogues who promise heaven on earth, or they fall prey to the misconception that present-day events are unique, without precedent in history, or superior to everything that has gone before." -Matthews, Platt

"To have known the best, and for the best...
Favorite Books and Weblinks   The modern races survive well independently; and according to optical satellites our overpopulation is a much greater concern, tied to destruction of the natural world, that all humankind faces...

If Eugenics, the calculated attempt to produce more ‘advanced’ human offspring, is a proven invalid concept, then biracial eugenics as well as monoracial eugenics are BOTH invalid concepts in human reproduction:


Escape From Tomorrow

One of the finest written books I've ever read on deep themes ...
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