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Brian Spencer
Lost Angeles, CA  USA
Born on December 25, 1969.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic General
i live, i play, i write, i record.....listen, and you'll get it.
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About Me
ever changing outside the box...
hey brian, if you liked acousticsofreverb's music, check my page out and gimme some love =)
zip 100
Dude, I can't wait to get working on the new tunes! I have been itching to play for a while...
Acoustic Grace
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with love, joy, peace and beautiful music! Brett and Rebecca
Hello Brian Thanks for the friendship, I've spent a bit of time listening to your music and really like your songs (i would say that wouldn't i). I've taken landmines home with me as a momento, all the best for the future. Big Peter White
Acoustic Grace
Just wanted to say I enjoy your song Landmines. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your songs in 2008! Brett
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