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David Duke
David G Duke
Oneida, NY  USA
Born on December 11, 1967.
My own artist pages
World : New Age
New Age expirimental with tones of Jazz, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical. and nature sounds. David is a Classically traind Pianist.
Podcasts : My Life
DGD Media is the production company of Voice over actor and TV show host David G Duke. Follow on twitter (@davidgduke) for more info and updates
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About Me
I am a classically trained pianist and a self-taught lead guitarist, with a love and appreciation for all types of music. I have often said that music should be judged by the individual song, not the artist or genre (style). My current musical style can best be described as New Age experimental with tones of Jazz, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical, and nature sounds.
Recent Activity
Liked Jennifer Pearl's song My Time (Demo). Nov 30, 2013
Liked LEKZEE PATRICK's song 1956. Oct 19, 2012
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DGD Media/Attic Studio Colaberation  

Song by S Michael Leier of Attic Studio, video by DGD Media
DGD Media: Play to Win  
I see you became a fan of my music! I thank you so very much for your support and have something new for you to listen to ;-) http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=i6EpwXNSovw
Thank you so much David for adding my music to your station. I am honored...Have a happy evening!!!!!!!!!
Gee David, Thanks for adding the song "You're Someone Special" to one of your stations my friend....I really do appreciate it very much.. BOB
David, Again I say,, thank you for allowing my songs to be a part of your station... "Blessed by a Rose" was written for my wife to whom I dearly love. It's truly an honor for me to have so many songs including this one on Diamond 5... I'm humbled... Thank you for being a friend and an excellent songwriter. I still and always will say that you should be doing music scores for movies,, You've got a gift! Your Friend, BOB
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David, Thank you so much for putting two of my songs on your station.. I truly appreciate it!! You do have a unique style of music my friend. I listen to a few and found many pictures within my mind of what you're painting.. Some neat sounds and melodies within the structure of your songs. I liked it!! You hang in there...Your music should be in "The Legend of the Seeker' series.. Fantasy! BOB
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