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Paul McGuire
Royal Palm Beach, FL  USA
Born on August 23, 1952.
My own artist page
Blues : Blues General
I am a single person, I have a home recording studio and enjoy recording my lead guitar on top of backing tracks.
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About Me
I'm just another old guy trying to stay young, and I don't know of any better way to do that than to play guitar. I've only been playing for 7 years or so, but I enjoy playing and recording. Other than that I like football and Nascar. I enjoy my family and try to spend time with them. Check the music on "my stations" there's some good music located there.
gasoline alley
Check out some of my songs, If u like any of them feel free to add them to your station http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=gasoline%20alley&content=station&id=807861
Hey PAUL !!!!!!! How ya been doing? Okay I hope? Take care, Mike
diamond lizard
hey mate new band new live tracks new gear visit if you can lots to see
Howie Fritz
thank you for listening to my tune...cold and blue...it comes from a true event...he woke up next to her...she had overdosed...
Goran Samuelsson
Thanks for more adds! /G
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