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Scott Campbell
Lakeland, FL  USA
Born on May 13, 1959.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
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About Me
Most of my songs address contemporary issues but with a retro sound. What can I say - I'm a product of my influences.... I've been writing songs and making music for 30 years but I've only recently gotten set up to record. I do this purely for love - but that doesn't mean I don't take it seriously! Hope you hear something you like......
Mayor of Kingdom City EP available at Prosity Records   A free download of my EP, "The Mayor of Kingdom City" is available from Prosity Records:


The tracks include It All Comes Crashing Down, Someone's Walking on my Grave Tonight, and the title track. Although these songs are all up on Soundclick, the link above has the final mastered versions plus artwork and notes.

Prosity Records is a Net Label dedicated to the free dissemination of acoustic music.
New web site for my song Arizona   Several years ago, I wrote a song, Arizona, about the USS Arizona, which was sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor. December 7 of this year marks the 70th anniversary of the attack and I've created a website to pay tribute to the ship and its crew with the song. Here is a link:

EP Released on Prosity Records Net Label   A free download of an EP of five of my songs is available from Prosity Records:


Prosity Records is a Net Label dedicated to the free dissemination of acoustic music. The tracks on "Some Assembly Required" include Amen, Some Assembly Required, Steelworking Sons of a Gun, This Hard Land, and No Easy Thing.
Thumbs Up! GREAT songs enjoyed the listen!!
Jim N Carolyn Barber
A big howdy from Friendship, TN.USA... I thought I stop by to say hello.. Thank you so much for wanting to be our friend...Jim & I wish you the best in all that you do~THE BEST FOR THE BEST~. God bless you....Jim & Carolyn
Hi Scott, Dropped by to listen to some of your music today, sounds great as usual....really enjoyed...It Rains....and....The Last House Still Standing, great style and lyrics, what a story in the "Last House" song, is that a true story? Take care and hope all is goin great in your world. ~strummergurl~
Mitchell Jessie
Scott, It's great to be in your Friends network. I think the song "Chaos" is awesome. I just love the harmonies and the instrumentation. They lyrics are great as well. I'm definitely a fan. I'm gonna go seek out some more of your tunes. I look forward to getting a big dose. See ya up the road, Mitchell Jessie
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