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Paul Oakley
Suffolk  United Kingdom
Born on February 4, 1963.
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About Me
I'm an instrumental rock guitarist from England. I try to tell a story or create a picture with my music - feel and emotion is as important to me as speed and technique'

'Are We Nearly There Yet?' is a new song to kick off 2014 - a rockin' track to get things going!

I have finally (after 3 years) finished my CD Out Of The Ashes - It's an 11 track CD and is available in CD and download format. Demos versions of the songs are here on Soundclick. I hope you enjoy my music :)

The video for 'Call of the Wild' is finally finished after 3 months work!!

Lyrics: Ted Carter
Vocals & vocal arrangement: Dave Millard
Music & all instruments: Paul Oakley

Recent Activity
Liked Bob Forbes's song Howling At The Moon. Feb 20, 2016
Liked Bob Forbes's song Sarah's Smile. Jul 21, 2012
Liked Bob Forbes's song Keeping The Watch. May 5, 2012
'Out Of The Ashes' - my new CD is finally finished!!  

Go to www.paul-oakley.com to buy the new CD or individual downloads(GBP)
It's available to buy through PayPal for only £6.99 (£5.99 for the download) - all major currencies accepted :)

It's taken 3 years to record and 9 months mixing/mastering but my CD is now available from my website or from CD Baby here. The physical CD, CD download and individual track downloads are available at both sites. Free delivery from my website until I can work out how to rewrite the code!! :)

You can hear 30 second clips of all the songs at my website, or listen to demo versions here at Soundclick.
'Call of the Wild' - A song raising money for animal charities  

NEW WEBSITE WITH NEW DOWNLOADABLE SONG - ALL PROFITS TO CHARITY!!!!! Go to www.paul-oakley.com to hear 'Call of the Wild' and buy for only £0.99(GBP)

You can buy it through PayPal - all major currencies accepted :) All profits are being donated to Wildlife charities dedicated to protecting endangered species, as well as helping to protect the planet - full details on the website.

PLEASE GO TO MY WEBSITE AND LISTEN TO 'Call of the Wild' AND IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY THE DOWNLOAD (even if you don't like it you'll still be helping a great cause if you buy it!!)

I'm also selling the song on CD for ...
Morten Gjermundsen
Merry christmas and happy holiday season Paul! Best wishes to you and your family! Morty
Paul Killington
Hi Paul,just having a trawl round sound click,thought it was a good way to say hi,had a listen to your three way collab,tremendous stuff, don't know if you get on here much,but hope to see you and Brenda in the not too distant future,cheers mate.
Morten Gjermundsen
hey Paul...Seems like years since we've touched base. Uh-oh...it really has been!! Hope Life has been good for you and those you love. Paul Killington has gotten himself online finally and has a bunch of new tunes posted. It'd be great if we could get you to become active here again like the old days. None of us are gettin' any younger. Drop a note if ya ever get a chance. Gonna subscribe to your page so i'll know if you upload a tune. Cheers! pine
Paul Killington
Hi it's me trying to navigate the my way round everywhere. I'm about thirty years behind I've just mastered the pocket calculator it would be nice to converse I'm just going to try and find your music perhaps you can tell me the best way you must think I'm really thick all the best . Paul.
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